Jill Wine-Banks

1. The brief. Select a project you completed and write an overview that covers:
     - What you were hired to do

We were initially brought in to capture and archive television clips Jill had saved on her home DVR. Little did we know she would blow up into the TV personality she has become.

     - Any historical context that may help paint a clear picture
     - What problems you were trying to solve

2. Your approach. Walk through how you tackled this project, including:
     - The steps you took to solving the brief
     - The different design and/or development problems and your approach to each
     - Any moments or challenges that caused you to change directions

3. Results. Show off the quantitative or qualitative results from your work. Some examples:
     - Search rankings or site traffic changes
     - Revenue or lead increase figures
     - Satisfied client testimonials, which provide an authentic touch

4. A visual: Tom Locke, of Noughts & Ones says,

"A visual element is really important. Make sure screenshots and mockups are included in addition to the ability for users to click through and visit the websites you reference."